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Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes



The Oregon Motor Vehicles Division no longer processes information regarding manufactured homes for the state.


The Building Codes Division is the storehouse for the information and the Office of Yamhill County Assessment & Taxation or any title company can process your changes within the BCD system.


The forms required for transfer of ownership, change of site, dismantle, exemption or to un-exempt a home or to add or remove a security interest holder, are on the Building Codes Division website, www.bcd.oregon.gov/lois/forms.html and are available to download and print or they may be picked up at the Assessment & Tax office as well as most title companies.


Payment of any outstanding tax is required prior to processing changes to the home.


To complete a transaction the BCD documents must be completed and all interested parties must sign the forms in the appropriate fields.  When completed and all fees are collected the new information will be entered into the BCD record, and a new ‘Ownership Document’ will be issued to replace the old DMV title.                                                                                                                                             


Fees include $55.00 for the new ownership document, and may also include a $10.00 processing fee for certain types of changes. If the home is moving, you will first need to have a placement permit from the county or city planning department where the home is being placed.  Trip permits may be issued by either our office or by the licensed mover.  The fee is $5.00 per section.


If a home is being moved between counties within Oregon, the home will be taxed in the county it is located in as of January 1st, and will be added to the new county tax roll for the following year. After January 1 and until the roll is turned, we will figure an estimated advance tax payment for the current year taxes and request that it also be paid prior to moving the home out of Yamhill County.


For homes being exempted (made a part of the real property) ownership of the land and the structure must be in the exact same ownership and all taxes must be paid in full on both.  A current title report is also required and the forms must be recorded in the County Clerk’s office.


To remove a home from exemption so that it may be sold or moved, you must pay any existing or advance taxes and have all interested parties sign off on the Multi Purpose Change form.  Then the Application to Remove from Exemption must be filed with the County Clerk.  When the Assessor’s Office has received a copy of both documents, the information will be entered into the BCD and County Tax records.


For further assistance please contact the Yamhill County Assessment & Tax office at 503-434-7521